Welcoming Reception Partner

Energy Exchange Istanbul (EXIST) or Enerji Piyasaları İşletme A.Ş. (EPİAŞ) by its Turkish name is an energy
exchange company was established on March 18, 2015. EXIST is responsible for managing and
operating energy markets, including power, gas and environmental commodities. EXIST ensures
transparent, reliable and trustworthy market conditions as well as equal access for all market
participants by providing a counterparty guarantee of the transactions.

EXIST operates Day-Ahead and Intraday Spot Power Market, Spot Natural Gas Market, Power Futures
Market, Natural Gas Futures Market and Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin System & Organized
YEK-G Market. EXIST also performs financial transactions such as settlement, collateral and invoicing in
these markets, settlement activities regarding the Balancing Power Market (BPM) and Ancillary Services
Market, imbalance settlement activities in natural gas market, the operation of the Renewable Energy
Resources Support Mechanism and carries out eligible costumer transactions. Besides all these, EXIST
develops all of the markets and services software in-house.




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