Gold Partner

Nord Pool, Europe’s leading power market, delivers efficient, simple, and secure trading across Europe. The company, which is majority owned by Euronext, offers day-ahead and intraday trading, clearing and settlement, and additional services, to customers regardless of size or location. Today 360 companies from 20 countries trade on Nord Pool’s markets.

Nord Pool operates markets in the Nordic and Baltic regions, Germany, Poland, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg, and the UK. Nord Pool is a Nominated Electricity Market Operator (NEMO) in 15 European countries, while also servicing power markets in Bulgaria, Croatia, and Georgia. In 2021 Nord Pool had a total turnover of 963 TWh traded power.

Nord Pool has more than 25 years of power market experience built on offering flexibility, transparency, innovation, greater choice, and participation to our customers.



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