Bruce Smith

Bruce Smith is a multi-faceted business leader responsible for the increased expansion and future developments of EWEC’s power and water generation system. Enhancing EWEC’s capabilities, Smith has overseen the creation of predictive models using a wide variety of modelling techniques to provide detailed insights, grounded in analytical research, that drive strategic planning, future sector vision, secure capacity, and deliver economic value.

Closely involved in the establishment and development of EWEC, Smith has been responsible for identifying the need for procurement of system capacity from new and alternative sources such as nuclear, solar, batteries and reverse osmosis, as well as developing further enhancements to the operations of current water and power generation plants. A key current focus is on the development of power system flexibility resilience and strength and increasing its ability to operate securely with reducing amounts of system inertia.

With over 30 years’ experience in the water and power sector, Smith has held key positions at various sector organisations in the UAE, including TRANSCO. He started his career in the utility sector as an Operations Manager with Anglian Water in 1992 following an MSc in Environmental Engineering from Imperial College, London.



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